Cool Food Pro

Catering for a sustainable future
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Our results for the project

Total saving


Kg CO2

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    Go seasonal
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    Less & better meal
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    Go organic
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    Go local
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    Reduce food waste

Our total saving goal is equivalent to:

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    764 books
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    173 t-shirts
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    4668 car journeys
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    1989 bottles of water
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    4844 flights
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    27 Smartphones

Get involved and be part of the Cool Food revolution

Why do we need a Cool Food revolution?

Food production creates a quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions.
We have the power to change this.

Be a leading example and make planet friendly changes to how you cater.
These small changes make a big difference to the sustainability of your menus.

Together we can achieve our carbon savings target of 1000 tonnes of CO2eq (carbon dioxide equivalent).
You can also make positive changes to the earth’s water quality and biodiversity.

Cool Food Pro supports you along the way as you make positive changes.

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Case Studies coming in June 2022

What our caterers say

We wanted to get involved in the Cool Food Pro pilot so we could show our customers you can still have delicious and cost-effective meals while being sustainable and helping the environment. The tool is very quick, simple and easy to use and our client on site is very focused on sustainability so is behind us 100%.

Emma Duke, General Catering Manager
Whitman Laboratories

Who's behind the Cool Food Pro project?